miércoles, noviembre 04, 2009

EWG´s en Facebook, Twitter, ...

Subo tb. otro mensaje que me mandaron hace unos días. Siento ir tan atrasada.
Os pego los links y abajo el mensaje:



Para el que no tenga, hay otra opción:

Dear Supporter,

EWG's Facebook page is where the action is -- the interaction, that is.

We're an online community interested in toxics, human health and the environment. We hope you'll join us. This page is where we share all our great information and tips and listen to what YOU have to say about our work.

What you can do on EWG's Facebook page:
Ask questions. We'll answer them.
Get the latest information, with EWG's straight talk and solid experience.
Share useful tips with friends.
Connect with others interested in toxics and environmental health.
What's not to love? Take a minute now to join our Facebook group -- we promise to keep it interesting!

If you're on Twitter, follow us @enviroblog. We tweet all the toxics news that matters.

See you online,

Ken Cook
President, Environmental Working Group

P.S. Not the Facebook type? Check out Enviroblog, where you'll find discussions of the latest science and news about toxins in your food, water, and air, and what you can do to protect your family's health.

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